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Christian Kids Music-manifesting Your Childís Personality
By Scarlett
Music has always played a leading role in a childís gradual emancipation right from the stage of infancy. It is just like a doorway through which kids are able to perceive, express, and gradually gets accustomed to plethora of events and emotions encircling life. As the young toddlers narrate the nursery verses, they describe each line with manual movements. They are able to feel the meanings implied in each verses and this helps them connect to the world which had so far been very much like an unknown galaxy.
It is interesting to note that traditional kidís music have always maintained its strong foothold in the midst of newer and more innovative ones. Even today the kids keep humming the same old nursery verses that were once the domain of their fore fathers.

In this connection it could be mentioned that Christian kidís music happens to be one of the least visited territories of young musicians. This may be largely attributed to the fact that the busy urban life has left with us very little time to ponder over the biblical narrations which are the very root of human life. Some of the popular types of Christian songs include hymns, carols, Psalms and motets. Each of these differs in their idea and presentation. But when it comes to writing music for children, the music is personalized keeping in mind their bent of mind and sense of perception.

Christian kidís music narrates some biblical incidents in form of parables that narrate a particular biblical incident. As the story unfolds the songs leaves an inspirational message. The meaning of the story is subject to the way the listeners perceive it. It is interesting to note that the storyline of the Christian kidís music varies differently depending on the cultural backdrop of different countries. In a way, the Christian kidís songs are mainly devoted to beliefs and values pertaining to the religion and its observance by devotees. Christian kidís music not only cultivates a sense of value in minds of kids, it generates a sense of belonging that helps a child relate to his homeland and its culture.

Off late, the Christian kidís songs and music have been included as an integral part of curriculum in most kindergartens as they realize its role in emancipating a childís mental horizon. A good number of production houses have come up with Christian songs meant especially for toddlers and most of them are available online and can be downloaded. The songs can be played with the help of specific soft wares and can also be written in CDs. Whatís more Christian kidís music is now available in languages other than English so as to inculcate Christian values among a wider mass and help them manifest into sensible adults on forth coming days.
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