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Seven Reasons You Should Use Acoustic Music For Your Christian Memorial Service
By Karin Gunderson
By using live acoustic music in your Christian Memorial Service, you are witnessing to the ongoing life and symphony of vibration that God began at the creation of the world and continues to sustain into eternity. Piano music is beautiful and harp music is even more peaceful and relaxing since the strings are plucked not hammered. The harp actually stimulates the brain for healing mentally, emotionally, physically,and spiritually at the same time that it relaxes and soothes the body rhythms.

1. The vibrations from acoustic instruments regulate body rhythms, making people attending the service feel better. The vibrations of the harp have been shown to regulate heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, brain waves and electrical impulses in the body. These vibrations also increase oxygen in the blood so people feel physically better, because lack of oxygen causes degeneration.

2. Musical vibrations relax the family and friends of the deceased. The vibrations take brain waves from a stressed beta state, to a relaxed alpha state or even a meditative theta state.

3. Vibrations from acoustic instruments access and release negative emotions that have been stored deep within. Deep emotions need to be released so they do not remain in storage as negative energy in the body contributing

to other health issues at later dates.

The memorial service is a perfect place to release emotions; it is expected and accepted. In the alpha or theta state we do not make value judgments about what is "proper." The emotions accessed in this state are then more easily released and our tears flow freely. As much as we feel we don't want to cry, it's an important of healing. We often feel uncomfortable crying in the presence of others, but music allows our tears to flow on a wave of sound that makes it less obvious.

4. Acoustic music can help us access memories which are stored deeper in the brain, than those we remember in our regular state of brain wave activity. In the alpha state those in attendance are more likely to be willing to share memories. This can be a true gift to the family members.

5. Live music says, "You are so special; you deserve the very best."

6. Live acoustic music is just that: alive! The service becomes a true celebration of life.

7. Music ministers to people. Ministry involves love and compassion and can only come from a live person.

So, in plannning a memorial service, celebration of life, or funeral, strongly consider the addition of live acoustic music, or a harp CD or DVD with with beautiful nature scenes that will calm the audience.
Karin Gunderson has a Music Education Degree from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. She is a Harp Practitioner with hospice in Phoenix, AZ. She sings and plays for patients with prayer and care. She also shares stories of God's faithfulness as people approach death, to help people overcome fear of death and begin to deal with their grief. She has a Christian Harpist's forum as well as free and helpful resources on her website: www.christianharpmusic.com

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